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  • Hi,

    My Australian partner of 4 years (who I had been living with in Australia for 16 months prior to moving back to the UK together) has been living with me in the UK since July 2015. She originally entered on a working holiday visa but was granted an unmarried partnership visa for 30 months in February 2017 (Expiry Sep 2019).

    We have since had a son and are keen to understand the options to expedite her naturalisation to ensure our family isn’t split up at any point due to changing immigration rules.

    From what I understand online, she will first need to be granted ILR after 5 years on her current unmarried partnership visa (which should be around Feb 2022 as her previous 19 months on the working holiday visa doesn’t count towards her time, it has to be on the partnership visa solely). She will then need to wait an additional 12 months before she can apply for naturalisation and citizenship.

    Having said that, I also understand that if we are married before the aforementioned 5-year residency is complete in Feb 2022 (we plan to marry in 2020 - do we need an additional visa for this or are we free to arrange this while on the unmarried partnership visa?), then she could apply for naturalisation as soon as ILR is granted - is that correct?

    Also, we may wish to conduct a civil partnership ceremony in March next year (2018) when her mother comes to the UK for our sons first birthday ... are you able to advise if this is possible or do we need to apply for the additional civil partnership visa.

    Can you please clarify if we need to be married or in a civil partnership for a specific length of time, prior to ILR being granted, in order to avoid this additional 12 month waiting period before she can be considered for naturalisation I.e. could we get married the month before?

    If there is anyway to reduce the 5-year wait based on our 44 months living together in both Australia and the UK (coupled with the fact that we now have a son together who has been registered in the UK and has a British passport) it would be great to hear your thoughts on our situation.

    Many thanks for taking the time to read the above and my apologies for the 20 questions! :)

  • Immigration Adviser


    I understand that you have received a response to this via email. I hope we were able to assist you. Please do let us know if you have any additional questions.

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