Can we get married while on current unmarried partner visa?

  • My partner is in the UK on her first 30-month Partner visa and we would like to get married but want to understand if we need any permissions or approval from the immigration department to:

    A) conduct a civil ceremony when her mother comes to visit in March 2018


    B) get marrried abroad in 2020 while she is still on the second 30-month partner visa and the return to the UK awaiting ILR in 2022.

    In a nutshell, do we need any further visas to do either or are we free to arrange the above without any additional permissions?

    Any help appreciated - cheers!

  • Immigration Adviser

    Hello @ptravers59009

    You will be required to give notice at your local registry office. You can find information this here:

    Your partner does not need to apply for further leave to remain when you marry, they will just extend their current visa as normal, however, this time you will be submitting evidence that you are married.

    The same applies in 2020, you won't need to make any other application until your partner is due to apply for ILR in 2022, providing that they meet the requirements at that time.

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