Spouse Visa - Proof of Genuine Relationship/ Relationship Timeline

  • Hello again advisers!

    This is my third time posting here and I always find your response quite helpful. I just want to clarify something about providing proof of genuine relationship. I am from the Philippines applying for a Spouse visa. My husband came here and lived with me from April 2015 until April 2017, which was the month we went to the UK together as a married couple. I have already started compiling the old utility bills that we had from 2015 up to this year before we went away (to show that we both lived in the same address during the whole period of his stay in PH). Apparently, some bills from January and April 2015; a few months from 2016 are missing because they were deleted from my email due to them being outdated and settled anyway. My question is, would pictures showing dates (like Facebook posts) fill in the gaps? I read that one of the requirements is to provide a couple of years worth of relationship timeline.

    Thank you ever so much for all of your advice.

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  • Immigration Adviser

    Hi @Nadine-Mejia-George

    The requirement to show 2 years cohabitation would only apply to unmarried couples. Due to the fact that you are your partner are married you would not be required to show that you have lived together for a 2 year period.

    Instead you are required to show that the relationship has continued throughout the time you have lived together and apart. Therefore you won't need to fill in every small gap in utility bills etc... A selection of evidence from the time you lived together will be fine.

  • Hello @Jason ,

    Thanks for clarifying this concern and specifying what I need to do instead. Phew! Good thing I thought about asking you guys first.

    Cheers :)


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