Non-EEA Unmarried Partner: Compiling Application

  • Hello,

    We are compiling an application for my partner's residency card as my non-eea, unmarried partner. We've had great advice from a solicitor already, but they saved us a lot of money by simply providing us with a fill-in-the-blank set of documents, and a lot of personalized guidance on what to collect from our landlords, friends, family, etc. Nonetheless, some ultra-specific items were not completed covered and I have a couple questions:

    As a follow-up to the previous post, I will summarise the query and add one more short one:

    (1) What bank statements should be provided for this application? For 18 months of joint banking, do we provide all 18 months of statements, demonstrating that all of our daily expenses and income is pooled? This would probably be close to 100 pages I would think.

    (2) We have been private letting for the past 18 months, and no bills to our name because it's all included in the rent. Also, our tenancy agreement with the landlord was a generic "fill in the blanks" document that contractually expired months ago; since expiring, we've basically just been renting in good faith with the landlord... Our landlord provided a letter for this residency application stating that we've been living at the flat for as long as we have, that they know us as an unmarried couple that were dating for longer than we've been living at this flat, and they provided some background info of how they have got to know us personally.
    What proof do we need to give that the landlord's letter has authority? The landlord provided a gas bill for the house, addressed to them; and we can refer to our bank statements showing monthly bank transfers to that person's name. Will that be sufficient? In other words, do we need to do more to prove that the letter is in fact from the landlord?

    Looking forward to any insight you can provide.

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