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    We are applying for FLR(M) after 33 Months on the spouse visa.I would need some advice on the item of correspondence addressed to us jointly. The guidance mention maximum up to 2 years. Is this 2 years backward from application date(i.e 7th Feb 2018) or is this from the date my wife first entered UK (i.e June 2015 onwards). Also, we have enough document in joint but they are not evenly spaced.


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    Hi @SUNK ,

    Many thanks for your query.

    In terms of cohabitation evidence, you should put together letters and bills etc which are either in joint names or separate names which show that you are both living at the same address.
    The 2 years refers to 2 years up until the date of application for the extension. So if you apply in February 2018, the 2 years will start in February 2016, although this is not rigid. The best thing to do would be to provide a selection of documents over the 2 years, some recent, some old, it does not matter if they are not evenly spaced as long as you can give an idea that you have lived together for the 2 year period. We suggest to taking documents from a few different months for each year.

  • @holly

    Thank you very much as this clarifies.

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