Kid's Citizenship related query.

  • Happy new year to you all.

    It will be really nice of you to kindly see if you can help me in the following regards, below is my story :

    1.) I came to the UK on tier 1 visa in April 2011 , and I got my ILR in October 2016.
    2.) My wife & my kid (who was born in India on 14th June 2010) came to the UK in September 2011 as tier 1 dependents. Since then they have been living with me in the UK and my kid has started his schooling in the UK.
    3.) My wife got ILR in September 2017. However my kid is still on tier 1 dependent visa which will expire on 2nd February 2018.
    4.) I have applied for my citizenship application along with application for my British passport in last week on October 2017.

    Now my query is, if by chance I get a letter of approval for my citizenship somewhere by say 2nd week of January 2018, can I directly apply for his citizenship skipping his ILR application?

    Because per me , rules says that at discretion of the UKBA , if one of the parents is ILR (which my wife is) and other is British citizen ( which I am assuming I can be considered as should my citizenship application gets accepted successfully?) , then kid born outside the UK can directly be enrolled as British citizen using MN1 form. Kindly correct me in my understanding.

    If above scenario seems unlikely/not possible, would you be able to advise by when at the latest should I be sending my kid’s ILR application (by post) , his current tier 1 dependent visa is expiring on 2nd February 2018.

    As you may note that my case is on the edge and there seems to be a race against the time so I will really appreciate if you can help me on the same and get back to me ASAP .

    Many thanks,

  • Immigration Adviser

    Dear Sumit,

    Yes you can submit your son's British citizenship application as soon as your British citizenship has been granted


    You can submit your son's British citizenship application now with a request that the Home Office put the application on hold and only make a decision after your British Citizenship application has been decided

    Best Wishes