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  • Hi,

    I am about to apply for a spouse visa for my wife for the first time who resides in Pakistan, i am a British citizen meeting all the requirements for her visa.

    Just have a slight problem, shes has just gone through a medical for TB which is clear and she has been provided the certificate but due to natural abnormal shape of her lungs, they have put that on the certificate that she is TB free but report is classed as abnormal and notes suggest the tenting of her left lung - she has been given a referral letter but no action to be taken.

    can this report be a issue when applying for a visa? can they refuse visa due to natural medical reasons?

    also can you please let me know what sort of documents my spouse needs to attach with the application?

    can i apply for the visa within the UK and submit the paper work here?

    Kind regards

  • Immigration Adviser

    Hi @jason_syl

    As long as the TB certificate states that she is clear of TB this will be fine.

    They would not refuse a spouse visa on the basis of a pre existing medical condition.

    If you would like to discuss documents, please do contact us at

    You cannot apply for the visa from within the UK. The Home Office do check the IP address of where the application was submitted and they can refuse the application if they find it was submitted from within the UK.

  • Thanks Jason, Appreciate your help.

  • @jason i have another quick question about my bank statements, i have an advance bank account with HSBC (its not an online bank account) and i use paper less statements - i have official monthly statements sent to me through online banking by HSBC which include all the correct marking identical tothe printed statements by the bank.

    are these acceptable if i attach them with my application or do i need to get these printed on HSBC stationary?

  • Immigration Adviser


    If the statements from your online banking contain the banks logo and your address etc... I would advise that you either get these stamped or obtain a letter from the bank confirming the statements are genuine.

    Otherwise, it would be more ideal if you obtained original statements directly from the bank.

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