• quick question... previously married then subsequently divorced in UAE - marriage never registered in UK

    full divorce through UAE FAMILY COURTS AND HAVE all documents

    remarried in 2014 in Sri Lanka and all documents were accepted

    now processing settlement visa for wife and just wanted to ask if there is any chance theUAE divorce could not be recognised?

    thank you

  • Immigration Adviser

    Hi @Laurence-Byrne

    The divorce was processed in the same country that the marriage took place and was done officially in that country.

    This being the case, as long as you submit evidence from the courts of the divorce being finalised this should be fine for your application.

  • @jason thank you jason- yes i have both sets of forms from dubai courts the intial hearing and the final divorce papers all stamped and originals and also legal translations from arabic to english done in abu dhabi.

    second question if you dont mind

    i have our original marriage certificate from sri lanka and also the translation... it is stamped by the ministry of external affairs also in sri lanka, and attested by the embassy of sri lanke in abu dhabi and the ministry of foreign affairs in abu dhabi.... on the translation, they have missed part of my name. we have never had an issue with this registering in UAE and also Philippines .... but would it be worthwhile my having a new translation done in the UK by a certified translation service? its a small thing but is concerning me

  • Immigration Adviser

    Good morning @Laurence-Byrne

    Yes, in this case I would definitely advise that you have the translation done by a certified translator in the UK so as to avoid any issues with errors.

  • @jason THANK YOU Jason I have done this

    would you advise having the UAE divorce translated in the UK by a certified translator also for belt and braces >?

  • Immigration Adviser


    I would advise this for any official document that requires translation for UKVI.