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  • Hi,

    I am a UK citizen but living and working abroad. I have been married to my wife for 7yrs and have a son of dual nationality that holds a British passport.
    We visit the UK anually with my wife holding a type c, 2 the general visitor visa. Now however we plan to move to the UK.
    Can we enter on the current visa, and then apply for a family 2.5 year visa for my wife?
    Or do we need to apply for the family visa prior to returning to the UK?

  • Immigration Adviser

    Hi @ajbeaton

    Your wife would be unable to switch to a spouse visa whilst in the UK on a visit visa.

    She would need to obtain entry clearance as a spouse prior to coming to the UK.

  • Ok,

    So how do I prove accomodation, if we were to stay short term with my parents in their house? Because I don't yet have accomodation not my own. I plan on renting or possibly buying if I sell my house here.
    These would be:
    Car : £45000
    House : £120000 or rent is £13000 per year

    Secondly, my employment is currently overseas and I have money tied up in assets in this country that I plan on selling before leaving but the funds will not be in my account at the time of the application. I will not have UK payslips.

  • Immigration Adviser

    Hi @ajbeaton

    If you are living with your parents you will need your parents to provide a statement regarding you staying there and the space (rooms) you will have access to.

    Secondly, providing that you have been with your current employer overseas for at least 6 months you can be considered under category A of the financial requirements.

    There are 2 conditions that you have to meet for this category:

    First, the applicant’s partner must be in employment at the date of application and have been with the same employer for at least 6 months prior to the date of application. They must have been paid throughout that period of 6 months at a level of gross annual salary or income which equals or exceeds the level relied upon in the application.

    Second, the applicant’s partner must also have a confirmed offer of salaried or nonsalaried employment in the UK, starting within 3 months of their return. This must have a gross annual starting salary (or in-non salaried employment a gross annual income from that employment, based on the rate or amount of pay and the standard or core hours to be worked provided by the employer in evidence) sufficient to meet the financial requirement.

  • Is there a time limit from the start date on the visa to the date you enter the UK?

  • Immigration Adviser


    Your wife will get a vignette stamped into her passport that lasts for 30 days to allow her to travel. If she doesn't travel within those 30 days, she must make a transfer of conditions application to receive a new vignette.

    Once in the UK she will collect her BRP card.

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