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    I hope you all are well, Thank you for establishing this platform which is helping lots of those in need of advice.

    I am Dutch Nation and living and working in UK since October 2014. I got married with a Non-EEA partner who has joined me in UK in November 2017 with her daughter. She got 6 months visa which will expire in March. I was checking home office site to apply for Resident card of my wife and my daughter. Since i do not qualify to apply for them online, I had to fill a form which is available on following link in PDF format. If you look into this form and check section 10 where they have mentioned three conditions for a sponsor.

    1: Sponsor has a document certifying permanent residence.
    2: Sponsor is applying for a document certifying permanent residence at the same time that
    I am making this application, or has already applied and is awaiting a decision
    3: Sponsor does not have a document certifying permanent residence. Tick this option if your sponsor has never applied, has had the document revoked or
    cancelled, or has been refused (even if they are appealing that decision).

    I do not fall in any category as I am not resident of UK since last 5 years, it has been a bit more than 3 years now.

    I have two questions

    1: Do I need to apply for permanent resident card when I apply for a resident card of my wife and my daughter ?

    2: Do i also need to buy health insurance for my wife and my daughter when applying for resident card?

    Any help will be greatly apprecaited.

    Thank you

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    Hi @roman143,

    You would need to select the third box and then when you go to section C there is a footnote that states:

    Note: if you have difficulty providing all of the relevant information and evidence but your sponsor is still a qualified person, you may find it easier to complete sections 11-17 instead

    You would need to complete the section stating how you are a qualified person. You do not have to apply for permanent residence in order for your family to get a EEA Family resident permit.

    You and your family would only need comprehensive sickens insurance if you are in the UK as one of the following:

    • Student
    • Self-sufficient