Correct address of the VI office in Sheffield

  • Hello again helpful advisers,

    We are now about to send our application bundle to Sheffield. However, we are so confused about which address is correct as we've seen two kinds. One is:
    Settlement Applications, International Operations and Visas, PO Box 5852

    Sheffield, United Kingdom S11 0FX

    and another is

    International Operations and Visas, 6 Millsands, Vulcan House, Sheffield, United Kingdom, S3 8NU

    The second one was included in the application email confirmation that I have received. I just find it confusing because it is labelled as "Premium Visa Processing..." in Google maps. We are only applying under standard processing time and the last thing I'd like to happen is to send the bundle to the wrong address, which can delay the application assessment and cause problems similar to what I have read from other communities.

    I hope you can enlighten me with this one.

    Thank you so much x


  • Immigration Adviser

    Hi @Nadine-Mejia-George ,

    Please advise where you will be applying from.

    Many thanks,

  • Oh! Sorry, I forgot to mention that. I am applying from the Philippines, but my husband living in Bristol will be the one to post the documents to Sheffield as he doesn't trust the couriers from my country.

    Thanks :).

  • Immigration Adviser

    The second address at Vulcan House is the correct address which is where the documents should go. In the same building is a premium service centre also which is why you have seen this on google.

    Many thanks,

  • Noted! Many thanks too @Holly xx

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