Two separate documents for English Language proficiency proof?

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    My wife and I are going to submit our ILR application in March 2018. We are currently on Tier 2 general visa. We both have bachelor's degree taught in India. We have obtained NARIC certificates confirming that those degrees were taught in English and to the required level. Now the SET(O) form asks to prove that whether we have a degree that is deemed to be equivalent to UK degrees and whether it was taught in English or not (section 4.3 of the SET(O) form). UK NARIC has two separate services, comparability of overseas degrees and English assessment. I am confused whether we need both these documents or only the one that we have above will suffice?

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    Hi @Arijit_Das,

    Provided that you have used the UK NARIC certificates in your previous Tier 2 applications as evidence of you English you would not need to provide these again for your settlement application.

    If you have not used the UK NARIC certificates previously then you will need both the English proficiency statement and the academic proficiency statement in order to meet the Immigration Rules.

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    @Arijit_Das page 35 of the relevant guidance confirms the advice Lauren has given:

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