Tier 2 (General) time restriction cumulative?

  • My husband and I both started working on Tier 2 General visas in 2016, each of us separately sponsored by our employers. My husband now wants to leave his job and is thinking of switching to a Tier 2 Dependent on my visa. If he does this and then in the future finds another employer to sponsor him, would this second Tier 2 visa grant him the full 5 years needed for ILR, or would the two years he worked on his first Tier 2 visa be subtracted from the period of leave he was eligible for? Thank you.

  • Immigration Adviser

    Hi @journey17

    To be eligible to apply for ILR your husband must have spent 5 continuous years on his Tier 2 General visa. Therefore, if he switches to a PBS dependent visa he would reset his 5 years and would then have to spend 5 years on a PBS dependent visa before being eligible to apply for ILR under that route.