Working for family help

  • recently started working for my Sister she runs a private limited company. She really needed help after she registered it in August 2017. I offered to help and become her PA. I get paid over the threshold amount of 18,600 just by £300.

    Does it matter I work for my sister will the home office not question that?

    Everything I'm doing is legal I get paid from the company business accounts the business accountant sends my payslips I pay tax. i just literally thought of this because i have 2 month left until i get my 6th-month payslip. Will this be a problem will I have to find a different job?

  • Immigration Adviser

    Hi @kalifonia

    As long as the employment is genuine, you meet all of the financial requirements under appendix FM and you can provide evidence of your employment then this is fine.

    It is worth noting that due to the fact that it is a limited company that is run by your sister, you would be considered under category F of the financial requirements and would need to provide the relevant evidence for this category for the last full financial year.

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