What are our options?

  • I've never done something like this so please bear with me.

    Right. So heres a backstory on my boyfriend right now:

    My boyfriend is 29 at the moment, He joined the country around 2011/2012, to work for the army. He had just finished his training only to be told, he couldn't continue because he was part of the commonwealth countries (From Ghana.) So he dropped out unfortunately, however, he wase in a relationship with a girl who had been told by one immigration lawyer that they should wait till they want to marry. They dated for 4 years, and she eventually walked away from the relationship.

    So now, me and him have been dating for a while. During that time, he has letters warning of deportation, we discussed him going home, however, we both agreed it wouldnt work :

    a) We both have health ailments that if we went back to his home country, we'd be worser off than here
    b) He genuinely did want to serve in the army. I've seen all necessary documents to prove so.
    c) He has shown very genuine signs of fear to return as he lost many connections and would not be supported if he returned. He has had suicidal thoughts of the thought of returning permanently. He would have no opportunities and no support network.

    We want to know right now, what are our options for him? If anything I have a british citizenship(born in UK.) I thought that wanting to join the army and going through all the training to work for a country you'd be seen with more favour for risking your life. I dont know?

    Anyone who's been through a similar situation? What can we do?

    We've gone to one lawyer who said he wouldnt have to pay any goverment fees, but has turned around to say we have to pay them with immediate effect and he will not be refunded if they dont put the application and he has to pay the remining £600 of the £1.2k. It's all messy right now!

  • Immigration Adviser

    Hi @sms4sure,

    In order for us to advise further please contact us directly to discuss your situation in more detail.