Bps dependant Visa while main applicant apply for ILr

  • Hi
    I want to apply my pbs tier 2 dependant extension and my husband has applied for ILr and his application is still underconsideration. I am trying to fill the application form PBS Dependant Partner. There is no option to put my husand ILR reference. It just ask to select his tier if he has got ilr and it brp detail of tier 2.

    As he has apply for ILR so does his employer can certify the maintenance ? He has bank statement as well as required.
    Please guide me in my application process.


  • Immigration Adviser

    Hi @arifaali0099,

    As your husband has not yet received a decision you would need to enter his current visa details on the application and advise that his ILR application is still under consideration. This means that you will only be charged a small amount of IHS.

    Once the application has been passed to the relevant department and your husbands ILR has been granted you will be requested to pay the additional IHS. Your visa will be granted for 3 years so £600 IHS will need to be paid.

    Due to the fact your husband is applying for ILR he would technically no longer be sponsored by his employer and therefore you would need to evidence that you meet the maintenance requirements either through your own funds or your husbands.

    These funds must have been held for a minimum of 90 days and must be dated no more than 31 days for the date of the application being submitted.


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