Married to unsettled UK citizen

  • I am a UK citizen currently living in The Bahamas. I am married to a Bahamian (over 7 years) with two children (aged 8 and 5). I would like to relocate my family to the UK and I am looking to get my husband the right to work and settle and my kids also settled.

    Looking at the documentation it seems that we would be eligible for application through the spouse permit and the children come through as dependents. However, I would like to remain with my family until we have everything in place to move. Everything seems to mention "settled" UK citizen. Does that mean that I must be "living" in the UK before my family join?

    If I satisfy all of the requirements, can we not simply move together as a family? I have family in the UK that would support us whilst we "get settled".

  • Immigration Adviser

    Hi @Shelley-Cant-Woodside

    The part of the rules that references a ''British citizen in the UK'' and ''Present and settled in the UK'' are both subject to GEN 1.3 of the rules.

    GEN 1.3 states the following:

    (c) references to a British Citizen in the UK also include a British Citizen who is coming to the UK with the applicant as their partner or parent.

    Therefore you can travel to the UK with your family as long as you are able to show that you have adequate accommodation upon your entry to the UK.

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