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  • Hi All

    Just need some information regarding spouse visa application i am about to file for my wife.
    i have been told by the lawyer that i can fill out the online form for the mrs and submit the paper work here in Sheffield, she can then submit the biometrics and passport in her local visa service office.

    if i was to fill out the online application form for her would i be selecting the option applying for myself or apply for someone else in the form?

    Also what is the full process of spouse visa? is below order correct?

    Pay IHS
    Complete and submit online application form
    Submit passport, biometrics, application form and IHS receipt in local visa service office (Spouse)
    Send documents to Sheffield with proof of biometrics

    Is there anything else i need to be aware of?

    Your help would be much appreciated.

  • Immigration Adviser

    Dear Jason,

    You must select the option 'applying for myself' as though she was the one filling in the application.

    You are fine to fill in the application form for her, however she must be the one to click submit on the online application from within her home country. This is because the Home Office can track IP addresses and refuse applications if they are submitted by third parties.

    The visa process is almost correct. You first fill in and submit the application, then pay the Home Office and IHS fees. The online application forms on visa4uk.co.uk are set up such that each step you need to take only becomes available after successfully completing the previous.

    Please contact our office should you need any assistance.

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  • @simon thank you for your response Simon.

    also what is the "documents shouldn't be older than 28 days" rule?

    does this only apply to financial documents? and when does the 28 days rule end on the date of online submission or on the date i will be posting the documents?


  • Immigration Adviser

    @jason_syl - the rules on documents varies according to the type of document. Bank statements usually need to be dated within 28 days of the application, whereas an IELTS certificate may be valid for 2 years for example. This is taken from the date of application, which varies according to how you submit. If you are paying a lawyer to assist with the application, I suggest that they should be confidently advising you on this!

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