Tier 2 General - 5 years continuous period calculation

  • Sir/Madam,

    I hold Tier 2 General visa. My entry clearance issue date is 3rd May 2013 and I came into UK on 2nd June 2013. To apply ILR, based on these dates please could you clarify my queries.

    1. Is my 5 year period considered from the date of STAMPING or ENTRY INTO UK ?

    My understanding: As per this guideline page 8, I believe 5 year period can be calculated from date of stamping if it it less than 180 days allowable absence. https://www.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/675919/Calculating-continuous-leave-v16.0EXT.PDF

    1. What is the exact date from which I can apply ILR considering 28 days in advance application ?

    My understanding: If considering visa issue date namely 3rd May 2013 as start of 5 year continuous period then I can apply from 3rd Apr 2018.

    Please could you validate my understanding in both the queries and suggest appropriate dates

    Thanks, Kiru

  • Immigration Adviser

    Hi @Kiru

    The date can be taken from the date your visa was issued on 03/05/13 and the time you spent outside the UK until your entry on 02/06/13 will count as an allowable absence.

    Based on this, the earliest date that you will be able to make your application is 05/04/18.

  • @jason - Many thanks and much appreciated with your reply.

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