Has the duration of Job search been extended?

  • Hi, I am a Tier 4 masters student, according to my understanding there have been a few changes in the Immigration rules since January 2018, I was told the 4 months provided to search for a job after the end of the course has been extended to year? Can you pls confirm this?


  • Immigration Adviser

    Hi @Lavinia

    Based on the Tier 4 guidance issued in January 2018, if you study a course for at least 12 months you will still be given 4 months after the course has ended.

    You may be talking about the doctorate extension scheme, which is explained below:

    ''If you are currently following a course leading to the award of a PhD with a Tier 4 sponsor that is a UK HEI, you can apply for the Doctorate Extension Scheme to stay in the UK for 12 months after your course has ended. Once you have successfully completed your PhD, there will be fewer restrictions on the work you can do and you can use the 12 months to gain further experience in your chosen field, seek skilled work, or develop plans to set up as an entrepreneur.''

  • Hi Jason,

    Thanks a lot for clarifying that, much appreciated!

    Warm regards,

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