divorce and remarry without leaving the country?

  • hi there, my girlfriend and I have searched online but can't find the answer to two questions relating to immigration, and were hoping you'd be able to help us

    I'm as English as it gets, born here and always lived here. My girlfriend is from Brazil and is currently in the UK on a marriage visa, but the marriage has been over for around a year due to him mistreating her (not physically, but verbally abusing and mentally bullying). We've been together now about 6 months but only been living together a couple of weeks. We want to get married, but we are worried about her being deported before we can. we don't know how we deal with this situation. and so the questions:

    They were married in Brazil, can they get divorced in the UK? we can only find information on marriages within the EU. and
    will she have to leave for two year separation rule (does the 2 year rule even apply to her?), if her husband disputes the divorce. there's a chance he might get a bit vindictive?

    we're completely lost on what our rights are. any help or advice you can give us that could improve our situation or just let us know where we stand would be greatly appreciated

    thank you for your time

  • Immigration Adviser

    Hi @mattttt,

    Due to the sensitive nature of this enquiry in order for us to advise any further please contact us directly.

    Kind Regards,

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