Tier 2 RCOS required minimum points ///Mar 2018 forecast

  • Hi,

    I am Ali, have got an job offer from nhs. The hospital is about to apply for my COS. In the retrospective statistics I could find a category "Minimum point score for successful applications in (month)" this point varies every month and offlate its high i.e., it was 21 till Nov 2017 and it was 50 in Dec 2017, 55 in Jan 2018 and 46 in Feb. I was offered salary of GBP 30661/yr. I am afraid that this will not meet the minimum thresold (46) anyways they are going to file the COS application in Apr 2018. I wanted to know how this point is calculated and what is the forcast for Apr 2018 whether this point will go up or down? what are the chances for me to get the COS successfully.

  • Immigration Adviser

    Hi @tier2visa,

    The minimum points are usually a lot lower in April each year as this is a fresh allocation period. April 2016 and April 2017 points were both 21.


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