Query about Settlement after 6 DLR Visa.

  • I'm in the search of some clarification in regards to my Application for Settlement after receiving 6 years discretionary leave to remain, which the first set fo three years was issued In December 2011.
    This time around as I apply for settlement (indefinite leave to remain), there is a large fee of £2,297 of which I am expected to pay for my application to firstly even be considered, but these funds I do not have. I am a full-time 18-year college student, therefore meaning I am applying independently.

    Therefore, my overall question after explaining my circumstance is that, will I be able to apply for a Fee Waiver Form? I believe to consider myself as not destitute, but I would become destitute as a result of trying to pay the full application fee.

    I hope to hear back from you soon.

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