Ukrainain wife

  • I have a ukrainian wife of 9 years and i have lived in Ukraine from 2011-2014 as she was refused visa to visit uk back in 2008 20092011 on the grounds of probability
    so i move to Ukraine.
    Now i have my own Business in uk for 1 year and i need my wife here to help me,. can any one help with what forms i need as i keep reading and getting confused.My wife was here from june 2017 until Nov 2017 on family visa but i need here with settlement so she can help with our business. Can any one please advise.

  • Immigration Adviser

    Hi @andycuddy,

    Your wife would need to apply for a Spouse visa in order to join you in the UK. In order to be eligible for a spouse visa you and your wife must be able to show that you are in a genuine and subsisting relationship.

    Your wife must also be able to meet an English Language requirement of CEFR level A1. The financial requirement states that you must have a minimum annual income of at least £18,600.

    If you are a director of the business or self-employed you will need to evidence the last full financial in order to meet this requirement.

    Your wife would need to complete the application on the following website:


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