when earliest can i renew my spouse visa....

  • hi everyone
    could you guys kindly help me to calculate when the earliest i can renew my spouse visa please....
    i was on discreationary leave to remain DLR then i switched to a spouse visa which is valid from 10-12-2015 and expires 08-07-2018

    with the 28 day early application rule, my 30 month anniversary is on
    10-06-2018, minus 28 days takes me down to 13-05-2018 which is the earliest i can apply. are my calculations correct, please help i am confused.

  • Immigration Adviser

    Hi @sniper1975

    You can apply for your spouse extension at any point before your current visa expires there is no 28-day rule. You may however wish to apply as close as possible to the expiry date in order to be eligible for ILR after your extension.

    Many thanks,

  • @holly that does not make sense, apply anytime before visa expires!!

    This could mean that for ILR his full 60 month is not completed.

    Surely the best advice would be for apply 28 days before expiry of visa or perhaps 28 days before 30 months completed??

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