Where to Put Information about Penalty Charge Notice?

  • Hi,

    I am applying for my naturalisation application. I have had a Bus Lane Penalty Charge Notice about 2 and half years ago.

    I understand from reading previous discussions on this page that you must declare PCNs, though they don't have any effect on application.

    My question is where do I insert information about this on AN Form? I can't write under the Civil Judgement or Civil Penalty section in the Good Character Requirement section as the PCN doesn't come under UK immigration Laws.

    I will be really obliged for your help in this matter, thanks.

  • Immigration Adviser

    Hi @Moeen

    Page 15, question 3.3 of the AN form:

    This asks: Do you have any civil judgements against you or any civil penalty under the UK Immigration Acts?

    You should provide details in the civil penalty in part 3.4 also. You must include the date in which you received this.

    You may also want to include a cover letter with your application to explain when and why you received the PCN. This should not affect the application depending on the circumstances however it must be declared to the Home Office.

    Many thanks,

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