Change in wage after spouse visa application

  • Hi All

    Can someone advise if i need to inform home office on changes in my salary if they occur after the application has been submitted and documents have been returned.

    i meet the financial requirements and we've applied for my wife's visa in march and i received my documents back last week and now waiting for a decision but this month I've had a pay rise and its been back dated to January 2018, should i inform Home office of this and if yes can someone please advise how.

    Also just wondering why does home office require all original documents, when they scan the documents and then make a decision?

    Any input would be appreciated.


  • this is not required , as you have met the financial requirement an increase in wage would not make any difference on the outcome of the decision

  • Immigration Adviser

    Hi @jason_syl,

    Provided you met the financial requirements at the time of submission there is no need to update them on your pay rise.

    The Home Office request to see the original documents prior to scanning in order to asses any forgery if the deem necessary.


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