Document for the period before you were granted leave as a Tier 2...

  • Dear Advisor,

    I'm going to apply ILR application as a Tier 2 migrant and I have the same question about what kind of document I need to provide for the below.
    "For the period before you were granted leave as a Tier 2 migrant, documents showing that you met the relevant requirements of the immigration rules."

    My 5 year period is 2 years for Tier 1 general (2014-2015) and 3 years for Tier 2 General (2016 to 2018)
    What kind of Tier 1 documents do I need to provide? and Do I need to fill in the Tier 1 section of the ILR form?

    Thank you so much for your help.

  • Immigration Adviser

    Hi @positive-thinker

    You will only need to fill in the Tier 2 section of the SET(O) form. However, you will also need to show evidence that you had entry clearance as a Tier 1 Gen and that you met all the rules whilst here on that visa, such as proof of employment/self employment for the length of time you were here on a T1G.

    It is also worth noting that and application for ILR can only be made 28 days before completing the 5 year period. Therefore, depending on when you arrived in 2014 you may have some months left before you are eligible to apply.

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