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    I joined my company 5 months ago on tier 2 everyone got payrise in april as annual increment so is it ok if my employer give me pay rise as well or will that not be count as annual increment as i only joined 6 months ago? As my year will be completed in October but company policy is to give rise in april so can i get with everyone else in april
    Also if everyone else getting 4% payrise and i am getting 8% my duties are same will that be issue as there salary and roles are junior than me. Please advise.

  • any suggestions?

  • Immigration Adviser

    @armeena02 I am sorry for the delay in responding to your post. In terms of the Home Office an increase in salary such as this should be treated as an annual increment and does not need to be reported. However if you or your employer are concerned about this it can be reported through the Sponsor Management System (SMS)

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