Unmarried Partner Visa Director of Limited Company

  • I am currently filling out the visa paperwork online as an applicant for an unmarried partner visa (my partner is a UK citizen).

    My partner (sponsor) is a full time employee in a permanent roll and easily earns over the financial requirement and has been for over 12 months. However when we first moved to the UK he set up a Limited Company as he contracted for 3 months.

    In the finance section of the application I have filled in the information for his permanent roll, but there is a question asking if he is the director of a Limited company in the U.K. And asks for the documentation as per appendix FE-SM.

    Technically he is a director of a company, however there is currently no income from it and we are not using it as proof to meet financial requirements.

    Our question is do we need to answer yes to him being a director and provide the evidence for the company anyway?

  • Immigration Adviser

    @mac-bou - you should state yes to this question but you do not need to provide any evidence, as you are not relying on this source of income to meet the financial requirement. All the best with the application.

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