Applying for a Fiance visa from Guatemala

  • Hi there! My boyfriend and i want to apply for a fiance visa but we are not very sure how to. We already searched and created an account for the application, and are on the compilation of the documents. We almost have everything ready according to what the uk gov website says but i would like to know if anyone has done it (from any central america country, better if from Guatemala) and could explain how you did it as its a very important and expensive process. I found a website called VFS Global, who is partner with the uk gov and does the biometric and as i can understand they take your documents and deliver them to the uk too (correct me if i'm wrong) but we are not sure, as there are documents about him, if he has to send the originals to me or can scan them so i can print them here and hand them to VFS Global. Or post them if is not the correct way. I would really appreciate your help as we are very nervous cause there is not much information out there.
    Thank you very much in andvance!

  • Immigration Adviser

    @Adriana-P I have answered your post in the other thread as well, To answer your queries here the usual process is that you only visit a VFS office to give your biometrics, then you send all documents to the UK as they are processed in the Sheffield office. However this varies for each country and some centres in The Americas are still collecting documents instead of asking you to send them to Sheffield, so this depends on where you give biometrics. The Home Office insist on original documents so scans won't be accepted I'm afraid. If you have any more questions just let me know, or alternatively we can provide a full service to take care of every part of this process if you would like.

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