New changes for third party?

  • Can anyone give me an idea how these changes will affect applications. Currently i do not meet the financial criteria to bring OH over here as work full time due to disabled/terminal child is extremely difficult. (shared care with her father he receives disability/CA benefits so cannot use this on app) I am in the dilemma now of trying to find a suitably paid job to make things easier but it looks bleak . The new rules suggest we can include third party support, ie my father can help? How would this work? Would he be a guarantor type entity or would he physically have to be putting money into my account or does he/we just need to provide evidence that he has full savings amount and reliable earned income ? Anyone help?

  • Immigration Adviser

    @RobinR I am sorry to hear of your situation. You might like to look at page 67 onwards of this document which explains when the Home Office will accept third party support and the evidence required:

    Do let us know if you have any queries after reading through the guidance.

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