Director of another company on Tier 2 Visa by error.

  • Hi,

    I am on Tier 2 General Sponsorship visa since 2014 and my ILR is due next year. My employer have two companies one of which he has sponsored me (take it as Company A)and the another company (take it as company B). He has one accountant who is managing both companies account. There was a director on Company B with same name I have. His accountant did a mistake that he appointed me as director in company B with different occupation without my knowledge and consent. He came to know that mistake after one week when I got letter at my house that I have been appointed as director of company B. So I informed him immediately and he accepted his mistake and he terminated me on the same day of the appointment.

    On Tier 2 Visa I am not allowed to be a director of any company, but this has happened to me without my permission. My question is will this impact on my ILR application even if my appointment and resignation is on the same date.

    Also it would be highly apprenticed if you could guide me what steps I can take at this moment to resolve this issue completely so that I will get my ILR without any problem.

    Yours faithfully,

  • Immigration Adviser


    The fact your name will appear on Companies House records regardless may cause issues.

    Your best option is to explain the situation to the caseworker by letter and provide evidence from your employer (and his accountant if applicable) in support of your claim.

  • @simon Thank you Simon for your reply.
    I will provide a letter from my employer or his accountant explaining their mistake and hopefully it will be sorted without any problem on my ILR. fingers crossed!

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