advise need for ILR with T2 general, 2 x 45 days out of UK , non business related

  • Dear All,
    I am due to apply for ILR after been in UK over 5 years on Tiers 2 (General Migrant)

    I believe my questions have been asked before in the forum as I have read some posts .., but to be honest I am still not 100% sure, so decided to get some answer/ feedback from you please.

    I came to UK at Jun 2013 with Tier 2 General and working for same company, extended my T2 general Visa with same sponsor, where I have been out of the UK due to my work whether for training course or short assignment work, which I can provide the letter from company (no issue)..,
    my questions are as below
    1- I have been out of UK twice for each time over 45 days (more than 30days out of UK) but been back to UK in between them, this was to look after my family as my dad was sick & this was during my time off / field break from work and I was still on Payroll of our company and having my gross salary receiving in my bank, To also mentioned it was s non business related ( it was family care) .., so now for my ILR application do I have to bring the letter from company for this time of absent also from UK as it was non business related and they were vacation/ time off .., or any sort of Evidence prove or no need ?!

    2- What sort of Document I should provide for paragraph below in my ILR application?

    “For the period before you were granted leave as a Tier 2 migrant, documents showing that you met the relevant requirements of the immigration rules. For further information concerning the evidence required, please refer to the Tier 2 migrant policy guidance on our website “

    Thanks for your help

  • Immigration Adviser

    @mediedi - you will need to provide a letter from your employer to evidence all trips outside the UK. See page 10 of the guidance:

    But don't worry, it sounds as if your absences fall within those permitted for this category :)

    In terms of your other question, you don't need to provide any evidence as you have spent the whole 5 years on Tier 2. This only applies to people who are combining time spent in Tier 2 with other categories eg/ Tier 1 Entrepreneur.

    Best wishes for the application.

  • @kim Many Thanks for your Advises and comments

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