Showing funds for T4 application

  • Hi,

    In the Tier 4 application guidelines, there is a clause that states:

    "If you are providing evidence of Official Financial Sponsorship, in addition to evidence of your own personal funds, any money paid to you by your Official Financial Sponsor will not be considered as available personal funds.
    Money cannot be counted twice as evidence of maintenance."

    However, I will be taking a Loan in addition to my personal funds for the tuition fees and maintenance. I had planned to use the loan to fully fund my tuition fees and partially cover the maintenance amount, while the rest of the maintenance I was hoping to cover with personal funds. Will this be an issue which implies I can only use the loan for tuition fees?

  • Immigration Adviser

    @ka97 the guidance is not very helpful, but don't worry - this will not cause you a problem. The Home Office just mean that if you have a letter from your sponsor stating they will give you £5k, but then you receive that £5k and show personal bank statements, this won't count as £10k (it will only count as £5k)

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