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    I was granted Tier 1 general visa in 2010. I got my ILR in September 2015 and british passport in 2018. My husband was granted Tier 1 depandant visa in 2013 and came to uk. My two children were granted Tier 1 depandant visa in January 2015 and came to uk. After my ILR approval in September 2015,my family applied for extension of their stay using FLR(M) and were granted spouse visa for 30 months in 2015. My husband has spent five years in UK and he's planning to apply for ILR with the kids this month. Are they qualify to do so ? Thank you.

  • Immigration Adviser


    The Immigration Rules do not permit combining time spent as a PBS Dependent visa holder with time spent as a Spouse visa holder to apply for ILR through the 5 year route.

    Because your family switched to the Family visa route (Spouse visa etc) in 2015, they now need to complete 5 years under this visa route in order to be eligible for ILR.

    Therefore, your husband will need to extend his current visa for a further 30 months, complete 5 years UK residence as Spouse visa holder then he can apply for ILR in 2020.

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