UK Tier 4 student visa

  • I would like to know regarding information as my wife is from Russia we have been married since May 2018 she is applying for a family visa and she would like her daughter 17 years old to come to live in UK with her and to study in UK on a tier 4 student visa, as we are married can her daughter get a tier 4 student visa? And as we are related would there be any costs for her daughter to study hear. we was recently told the following by a UK college. As your daughter is under 18 on entry to the uk, her residency will no doubt be considered on yours & your husbands residency so we may be able to consider her as a home student for fee purposes which will mean there may not be any charge until the age of 19 for education purposes.
    Can you please advise if this is true of it college fees would apply for her daughter to study in UK

  • Immigration Adviser

    Hi @TonyandVictoria

    Your step daughter can be considered as a dependent on your wife's spouse application, therefore, she would not need to make an application as a Tier 4 student.

    Further to this, once she turns 18, she will still be able to remain as a dependent on any future applications so long as she is not leading an independent life and she is still financially dependent on you and your wife for support.

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