2yrs and still waiting for my spouses visa

  • Been married for 6yrs with two children the oldest 7,I was granted my spouse v[link text](link url)isa in 2013 under a 20yr root.
    I submitted my application to renew it on the 08/june/2016 that's before it expired but it's now 2yrs and it has never been granted.
    Am now wondering,how long more do I hv to wait...or is there anything else I can do to hv the Home Office deal with my application!?)~~

    The last time the Home Office wrote to me was 4month ago to say that my case is a complicated one especially that it involves tricky human right issues.

    This itself does not answer my question ...how long more will I hv to wait,any one out here to advise


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    The Home Office can take as long as they want to make a decision on your application, meaning the options at this stage are quite limited.

    You could look into contacting your Local MP. They can write to the Home Office requesting an update/decision to be made on your case.

    The Home Office 'usually' respond to MP letters.

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