Biometrics - Four fingers of one hand have minor burns

  • Would I still be able to give biometrics?

    "Short-term damage to fingertips

    This could include blisters, cuts or minor burns. If an applicant has injuries that are likely to heal within 10 working days, you can take scans if at least five of the middle 8 fingers are not damaged. You must take scans from all fingers that are not bandaged.

    If the applicant has less than 5 of the middle 8 fingers undamaged you must reschedule their appointment for 10 working days time. You must hold the application until the applicant returns and their fingers have healed."

    Page 20 of 39 Biometric information: enrolment – version 4.0 Published for Home Office staff on 7 April 2015

    Does the above still apply? If yes, can I just call the post office and ask them to provide me some time for my fingers to heal and at the same time post me something as proof or do I have to physically go there to get the approval?

    By the way, what I don't understand is, how does the post office have the power to decide this. A post office is just a post office. Do I have to contact anyone else in the UKVI to ensure my application does not become invalid?

  • Immigration Adviser


    The guidance you referred to still applies. If you are not able to give biometrics within 15 working days, the Home Office will 'usually' send out another letter giving you a further 10 working days so that may buy you enough time to heal.

    You always contact UKVI on 0300 123 2241 to update their records on your situation.

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