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    I arrived UK on 9th of January 2009 in Student visa valid from 8th of December 2008. Later I renewed to Tier 4 general student and completed B.Sc. computing. Then I applied for Tier 1 Post study visa and got refused. I appealed the decision and the original decision withdrawn by Home office and granted PSW for two years valid until 27th June 2015. There after I renewed again with Tier 4 general student with college CAS and completed MBA degree. Before leave ends on 28th October 2016 I applied FLR (O) application leave to remain for my graduation ceremony reasons and varied to FLR (FP) application private life route on 1st February 2017. Finally I varied to SET (O) private life route application on 3rd May 2017 and Home office reject my application due to the biometric issue and then reinstated and currently waiting for another biometric letter. So far I have no gaps and I also waiting for the fee refund of £2297 due to the Home office charged me twice. In my SET (O) application, I attached some medical letters with regards to my on going treatments. I have raised article 8 and article 3 from this SET (O) Human rights application. I have also submitted my degree certificate, life in the UK certificate and personal statement with my application.
    I am going to complete 10 years lawful residence in UK on 9th January 2019. I will be eligible to apply for SET (LR) route before 28 days. So approximately I am five months short for this route. I have never been outside the UK from the date of arrival. Please kindly give me your best suggestions. Is it possible to get an in country appeal rights for this SET(O) refusal. Thanks in advance.

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