Moving American Family to UK

  • I am a British citizen living in the states. I do not have my American citizenship but my husband and two children do who were born here. My questions are:

    What process do I need to do with the kids being citizens by decent?

    How much total would it cost for a spousal visa and two citizens by decent under 16?

    How do bills, loans etc work that are in the states if we move to the UK?

    How long is the average processing period?

    How much money is recommended to save if we already have somewhere to live when we get there?

    Even if just one of these questions are answered it would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you

  • Immigration Adviser

    Hi @BetaWolf,

    Your children can still apply for a British Passport provided that you held British Citizenship before they born and you are not British by descent. If you obtain their British passport prior to making the Spouse application they would not be include as part of the application so no fee for them and the financial requirement would be lower.

    To be eligible for a Spouse visa you would need to evidence an income of £18,600 per year in your current employment (and have held this employment for 6 months) and also evidence that you have secured a job in the UK that starts within 3 months of your return to the UK and meets the same financial requirement.

    Alternatively, you can evidence this with cash savings. You would need to evidence that you have minimum savings of £62,500 and have held these savings for at least 6 months - dependant on the source of the savings this does not have to have been held in your personal account for 6 months e.g sale of a property provided you have owned the property for more than 6 months.

    The Spouse application fee is currently £1,523 per person with an Immigration Health Surcharge of £200 per person per year, a total of £600 for each application. The processing time varies, however, most applications are decided within 60 days unless a priority service is paid for.


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