How to handle (FLR(M) for dependant at same time as ILR application for sponsor

  • Hi everyone.

    I'm hoping someone has had experience with this. I am due to apply for my ILR (10 year route) in the next few days.

    My wife doesn't qualify for ILR so is applying using FLR(M) . But we are unsure about how we can submit the applications together as they are asking for information on my wife's application that we can't provide until my application has been processed. Do we leave it blank and put a covering letter on top? Do we not submit it until I have actually received mine (which we are reluctant to do)? Any ideas on how to handle this?

    Thanks in advance

  • Immigration Adviser

    Hi @greegie,

    As you would need to evidence that you hold ILR we would advise that you wait until you have received a decision before submitting your wife's FLR(M) application.


  • Thanks Lauren
    The reason I wanted to do them at the same time is because I know the IHS is going to increase I was hoping to avoid paying all that extra money. I even tried to use the Premium Service Centre but can't get an appointment in the next 45 days.

  • Immigration Adviser


    There is limited appointments at the moment for SET(LR) and they are snapped up so quickly! If you were to do both using Premium Service on the same day then you would need to confirm when submitting your wife's application it is based on you being granted ILR

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