Question on Spouse Visa after getting Marriage Visa

  • My future husband is a British citizen, I am from Indonesia. we plan to get married in Dec 2018. We are in relationship for more than 1 year, we see each other 3 times a year, in UK and Indo. I am applying for Marriage Visit Visa atm from Indo, I will return to Indo after getting married (as I am aware the validity of marriage visa is 6 months only). After I return to Indo, may I apply for Spouse Visa right away? will the process take 90 weeks? how much does the Visa cost? as we decide to live together permanently in UK. Your advice is highly appreciated. Thank you in advance.

  • Immigration Adviser

    Hi @Francisca

    Congratulations on your upcoming marriage.

    You are able to apply for the spouse visa as soon as you return to Indonesia.

    The process won't take 90 weeks, it could take around 60-90 days. There are, however, priority services available.

    The Home Office fee for the application is £1523 and you must also pay an Immigration health surcharge of £200 per year for the duration of your visa.

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