Spouse Visa - Financial requirement

  • Hey all,

    My wife is a British citizen. We have been married for a couple years now and would like to return to the UK. Currently we are both employed full time outside of the UK.

    We would be able to get over 20K GBP to support out application - we have no dependants. However I see this won't be enough. It seems my wife would need to be working in the UK earning more than 18k per year. It seems like the Home Office would not consider my personal income?

    I am on a contract that pays well above 18K P/A and the contract has been signed for a number of years.

    So in summary I guess my questions are this:

    • Would the home office consider my employment (Salaried income) as part of the financial requirement ?

    • Would the Home Office consider the same for my wife - if her employer is not in the UK like mine isn't ?

    • If the answer is no to the above and taking out any cash savings - I assume the only other way would be for my wife to move to the UK and have employment there already, earning 18k P/A before our application is made?

    Would appreciate any feedback on this.

  • Immigration Adviser

    Hi @Tander

    Your wife's overseas earnings can be taken into account, however, she would need an offer of employment in the UK that she would be taking up within 3 months of returning to the UK.

  • Hi @Jason

    Thank you for the feedback - appreciated.

    My wife's current employer is prepared to keep her employed at the same salary level she is on now (Above 18,600 P/A) and my employer is prepared to do the same. Would the Home Office consider this, if they got supporting evidence of such?
    Eg, letters from the employers, signed contracts etc?

    Thanks again

  • Immigration Adviser


    As stated previously, if they are an overseas company and she is paid by the overseas company it wouldn't be taken into account. Your wife would need an offer of employment from a UK based company.

  • @jason
    Thanks for clarifying that up, much appreciated.

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