Gap in Tier 1 Entrepreneur dependent visa extension - ILR qualified?

  • I am on a Tier 1 entrepreneur depended Visa. My husband and me applied for T1 entrepreneur visa as main and depended applicant and our visas were grated on Oct 1st 2013 till Oct1 2016.
    I have travelled to India on a holiday in July 2016 and ran out of my visa validity on Oct 1 2016. My husband has applied for Tier 1 entrepreneur extension in Aug 2016 from UK and got his extension on 15th Nov 2016. As as a result I could not apply for my depended visa before my initial visa ran out. But I am out of UK at the time and I thought its not going to be any issue.

    I have applied for my T1 dependent extension on Dec 12th 2016 from India and got my visa on Dec 22nd 2016 till Nov 15th 2018.

    So I was not on Tier 1 dependent visa from Oct 2 nd till 22nd Dec which is around 80 days.

    My query:

    As I have a gap in between my T1 initial and extension visa, I am not sure if I am eligible for my ILR application. Can I have a gap in between my initial and extension visa and still qualify for ILR?

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