Query about 10 year route

  • Hi
    *Came to uk in oct 28th 2008.
    *2010-2012 psw visa spent 3 months in India got married and brought wife to us on dependency visa.
    *applied tier4 to extend college revoked and it happened 3times and in 2015 instead of giving me 60 days letter they reject my application .went to court and won the case and got 60 days letter.
    *. In 2016 applied tier2 within 60 days time period.after 1 year around jan of 2017company withdrew my sponsorship .
    *feb 2018 HO refused my application as my sponsorship was withdrawn by my company.

    • went for admin review and that too refused in April 2008.
      *** so short of 7 months for my 10 years long residency .
      Solicitor told me to apply ILR before my eligibility.
      I have no life in the uk test as my passport is with Ho from 2012.
      I have 5 years child as well with no documents.

    What will be the outcome as my solicitor said they will grant visa . It’s been 6 years not been to home .
    Many thanks for your reply

  • Immigration Adviser

    Hi @vej

    From the information you have provided, an application for settlement on the basis of 10 years long residence would not be granted for 2 reasons:

    • Your continuous residence was broken

    • You have not completed a life in UK test

    The information your solicitor has provided you is incorrect and an application on this basis would not be granted by the Home Office as you do not meet the requirements.

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