SET (M) Living and Absence Question

  • Hello,

    I'm applying for my ILR on the 5 year spouse of a uk citizen.

    I'm confused as to what to put for question below question

    9.13 How long have you lived in the UK?
    years month

    Because I came to the uk in 2007 to study and did so until 2011; from there I went onto a Post student visa until 2013 when I started my 5 year spouse visa route.

    The question I REALLY need help with is do i -

    1. Count from 2007 to current as my length of time lived in the uk, and if how long back do I have to list "all periods of absence"


    1. Only count from when I started my 5 year route to now as my time lived in the uk and list just absences for the last 5 years or do I just do the last 2.5?

    OR how to you advise I answer these questions?


  • 9.13 How long have you lived in the UK?

    Answer should be From when you started the 5 years route, and sorry I don't know the answer to the second part.

  • Immigration Adviser

    Hi @smalls16

    Thank you for your query.

    You should answer this question with the number of years you have lived in the UK. Therefore count the number of years and months from 2007 to when you apply. The absences considered will be for the last 5 years regardless.

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