Applying for fiance visa help

  • Hello, please could we have some advice?
    On line application for fiance visa went in mix July. Biometrics were performed in Abu Dhabi a few weeks later in Early August.
    A few questions please

    1. At biometrics they pointed out we need a TB certificate as applicant from Turkmenistan. The fee to extend document handing in by 7 days was paid and a TB certificate obtained. This was done on Abu Dhabi so not st an approved centre as there isn't one there...Will this matter?

    2. We know the Sponsor has to earn 18600. The sponsor is well above this, but at no point in the application did they ask for documents to show this, so non were provided.

    3. reading what other people have supplied people seem to volunteer lots of info. As non of this is actually asked for in the application, only things submitted were the application forms, divorce certificates, birth certificates and applicants bank statements which will not show 18600.

    Is this application a waste of time? Will they contact us for missing documentation?

    Thank you

  • Immigration Adviser

    Hi @Rose

    I will answer your questions in turn:

    1. How long ahve you lived in Abu Dhabi? If you have lived there for at least 6 months then the applicant would not need to provide a TB certificate. However, as there are no approved centres in Abu Dhabi due to them not requiring a TB test, it would be down to the Home Office's discretion on whether they accepted it or not.

    2 and 3. You are required to provide detailed evidence showing how you meet the financial requirement. Therefore, because you have not provided any of the required evidence, there is a chance that the Home Office may just refuse the application rather than writing out to you for the evidence.

    Please do contact us at if you require any assistance with documentation.

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