Unmarried Partner Visa

  • I am a US citizen and partner is a UK citizen. I submitted an application in May 2018 but did not yet do the biometrics part and can no longer edit current application. I input my travel history to date based on my passport info up until May when the app was processed. In JUNE I revisited the UK for a friends wedding. It is now August 30th, and I want to continue to process the rest of my application and schedule my biometric interview using my current app from May. Question: can I add a cover letter from my solicitor indicating the travel history has changed since I submitted the application? Or do I need to redo the application? Has too much time passed by from May until august or as long as my docs are updated until current I should be fine? I’m confused because a lot of forums are stating you can add a cover letter to explain the discrepancy In application info not being accurate and others say to redo the application because I can be denied for not reporting 100% accuracy. Please help!

  • Immigration Adviser

    Hi @newyorker123

    I would definitely advise that you re-do the application since so much time has passed since you completed the form.

    It is possible for caseworkers to miss information contained in supportive letters and not consider it as part of the application. Therefore, the safest option is to re-do the application form so that you have all of the correct information on there.

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