EEA family permit visa - help with application/ Relationship section

  • In the application for a family member of an EEA citizen, under section EEA national in [b]Relationship [/b]details section, question is :

    Have you or the EEA national ever been married before or in a long term marriage like relationship?

    I have not but my husband was. The next two questions are realy confusing ! It asks :

    Where did you live?
    When did you start to live together?

    WHO ??? Where did I live, or my husband and his first wife ?

    If anyone knows what they are asking or had experience with this applications I would greatly appreciate any help.

  • Immigration Adviser

    Hi @manolo7355

    The form is asking these details for both you and your husband. You must answer for both if relevant. Therefore, you would have to put down details of your husbands first wife.

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